The service of ARN has been so effective because they are extremely responsive and dedicated to getting our needs filled. They really go above and beyond most recruiters and treat each assignment as if they were trying to fill in for their own family and friends. I think that personal touch really sets them apart from the others. Passionate, energetic, committed, smart, they are an asset to any client. Because of their extensive corporate HR background, they have insight into how corporations make hiring decisions in contrast to others who have just worked in the executive recruiting realm. Their experience really sets them apart because they are able to get into the ‘corporation’s head’…they know how corporations are run and what they look for.

– Ellen Cozangi, Human Resources Director, Cordium

Colette has a phenomenal knowledge and understanding of the marketplace and the players – which is invaluable to both clients and candidates. But that’s not the only asset ARN has to offer. The service I received as a client of ARN was truly customized to adapt to the specifics of our job.

– Nat Fuchs, Senior Vice President Group Director Human Resources, StarCom MediaVest Group

Colette and I started our careers together at Viacom and I have seen her success in recruiting both in house and in her own executive search firm. Detailed, thorough, passionate, practical, she can anticipate the needs of her clients as well as represent her candidates with an insight into their potential that transcends the typical search firm relationship. Additionally, she has a very good network that crosses all levels including extensive first hand relationships with C-suite executives. Because of her hands-on experience in the corporate world, her network, and her ability to give me practical advice on a whole range of issues, I find her to be an invaluable partner when I need to find a candidate for a new search.

– CiCi Holloway, Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer, the Barnyard Group (formerly UBS Co-Head, Community Affairs, Cultural and Inclusion)

Colette and Dené are amazing people to work with as I completely trust their expertise, partnership and ability to add value to our business. They take the time to understand our business challenges so that they can service us effectively. I also enjoy their willingness to bring a strong point of view to the table, not as a vendor but as a partner. And, I enjoy working with both of them as they are committed to ensuring the vendor client relationship is trusting, open and fun.

– Nicholas Iadevaio, Vice President Human Resources, L’Oreal

I have worked with Colette and Dene for over seven years, first at Scholastic, and more recently at Kaplan Test Prep. They have a unique ability to source scarce talent for very hard to fill positions. They always present a professional demeanor, are extremely pleasant to deal with, and always responsive. I have received numerous compliments about them from the candidates they have presented. They have my unqualified endorsement.

– Charles Irvin, Human Resources Consultant, Kaplan Test Prep

When ARN works with a candidate or a client, they are totally honest and very direct…and I mean that in a very positive way. They don’t humor you or tell you what you want to hear. They give you real honest perspective about what the challenges could be. Over the years I have known them, I have found them to be advisors I can turn to if I ever need help regarding career issues. They are professionals who respect me as a candidate because they know my strengths and my goals. In essence, they are talented matchmakers who don’t give a hard sell but actually find opportunities that are the right fit. They really care about the candidates they support and make you feel you can trust them implicitly.

– Terry Kosierowski, Vice President Human Resources, Warner Music Group

Colette’s experience is real because she has worked in Corporate America and understands the nuances and the texture of what it’s like to be in a company as well as the challenges that we have day in and day out. That helps her be spot on in identifying talent and serving up good candidates. She absolutely gets it. I don’t think of her as a placement person. I think of her as a good business partner, which is a very different thing. Colette is one of those people who, at the end, will deliver. By hook or by crook, she will get you what you need.

– Henry Lescaille, Vice President Human Resources, Time Inc.

ARN acts as a partner when they take on a search and invariably provides exemplary client service even though our searches are often like looking for a needle in a haystack. First, they don’t just pull something off the shelf. When there is a new assignment, they take the time to truly understand the need – not just the skill set but also the personality and cultural fit required. They also give back real world intelligence that can make or break a search. When we started off a recent assignment, the salary we were targeting was too low until they reported back from the marketplace. They also have a great network and it served us very well because they brought us a superstar who was a perfect fit. We work in a very specific industry with very specific requirements and the gene pool is finite. But, as usual, they exceeded our expectations.

– Peter Movesian, US Head/Director Talent Acquisition and Management, Omnicom Media Group

If you were picking people who you wanted in your foxhole, you’d want someone like Colette because what you need to get done is going to get done. She has the ability and the talent to make you feel like you’re the only person she’s working with. That is so rare. Colette was instrumental in some of my most important career moves, which enabled me to get experience that I don’t think I could have gotten anywhere else. I owe her an extreme debt of gratitude. She works her network better than almost anybody else in the business because she always knows someone who knows someone. It’s amazing how she does it. She has ability to make everyone feel like family and that’s why she has such solid and valuable connections.

– Leroy Whitaker, Managing Director Human Resources, Omnicom Media Group

ARN is set apart from other search firms because of their personal touch. They approach every client as if they are unique. They also have a customer service orientation that is evident not only in their proactivity when it comes to searches but also in the way they reach out to make sure they have a full understanding of our business. Since we started working together, they have expanded the breadth of what we originally partnered on and even moved into different cross-functional recruitment strategies. I have found ARN to be truly resourceful, collaborative, and knowledgeable. I have enjoyed partnering with everyone on their team and feel they are well positioned to be highly effective in this global economy because of their flexibility in addressing our ever-changing business priorities.

– Director Human Resources, Global Prestige Beauty Products Company

Colette has the uncanny ability to work with me and HR as a business partner. She takes the time to not only understand the qualifications of the job and to understand how the organization works, but also to understand the mission behind the people and the jobs themselves. When she presents candidates, it’s with a real understanding not only of the job and the organization, but also of the person that’s doing the hiring, the person who sits in my chair. But that’s not the only reason why she and her associates at ARN are so effective. First, they have incredible market intelligence to bring to the table. Second, their customer service is top notch. I really believe that when I reach out to anyone at ARN, that I am going to get a timely and thorough response. You all take a great deal of pride in caring not only about responding but responding in a meaningful way. It comes through. Everyone that I talk to at ARN exudes that charisma and professionalism.

– Head of Talent Acquisition, Top Media and Publishing Conglomerate