The ARN Difference:

Taking Executive Recruiting to the Next Level

Alliance Resource Network (ARN) is not a traditional search firm. It was formed by principals from two related but different worlds – Retained Executive Search and In House Corporate Talent Management. Why? Because we recognized that insights from both disciplines were necessary if we were to be business partners who could best meet the needs of clients and candidates in today’s hyper competitive marketplace. With every search we carry out, the importance of both skill sets has been continually reinforced.

img_arn_difCreating a Real Partnership with Corporate HR and the Hiring Manager

The fact that we have lived the life of an in house corporate HR practitioner, combined with our strong business experience, gives us the ability to create a relationship with our clients that lays the vital groundwork for a successful and enduring hire. In essence, when our corporate contacts invariably recognize the value of “letting us in,” we know the right questions to ask to make sure we understand the nuances and landscape of the job, the culture of the company, the internal challenges they face, and the business needs driving the hire. At that point we hope to become an extension of the client’s HR department and take ownership of the search. Our goal is to make sure the client experience is impeccable, communication is constant, potential pitfalls anticipated, and a spot-on slate created quickly and comprehensively.

The ARN Search Process

We take the steps needed to customize each search:

  • Before – In addition to the traditional intake on the position during the initial search kickoff meeting, we have created a unique job analysis protocol derived from years of in house and search experience. Our questions enable us to learn about the internal and external landscape of the job so we can identify potential issues that could impact the search (e.g. internal sensitivities and/or challenges) as well as the market intelligence needed (e.g. real world compensation benchmarking or the external perception of the company/department) before the search begins. We then carry out in-depth research to gain this intelligence and share the information so, if necessary, search parameters can be revised. And lastly, we test the marketplace to verify that the position description says what it needs to say as well as craft a compelling narrative before we fully go to market.
  • During – Here’s where the art and science of Executive Recruiting comes into play as we create a slate of the best talent the marketplace has to offer, address issues that would impact success, maintain ongoing communication regarding the candidates identified, facilitate the interview process, and help make the negotiation process mutually beneficial for both client and candidate.
  • After – Once there is a hire, our work is not over. During the weeks after a candidate comes on board there is often a need for the services of an ombudsman who can help expedite the process required to make the new hire’s transition a seamless one. Additionally, we stay in touch to help ensure their success.

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We have carried out searches for an extraordinary range of functions and industries (see Our Expertise and Selected Client pages) and our success is the result of one clear truth: we are experts in the field of Executive Search. It is for this reason that we have been effective in filling searches across various functions and industries and in creating cutting edge strategies that enable us to find the right candidates for new industries that have high barriers to entry as well as for new companies that have just entered the marketplace.

Our rich network of candidates is one of our most important achievements and one of the major keys to our success. Open communication during every phase of a search (and after) and our reputation for integrity and strategic insight, has enabled us to create deep and lasting relationships with executives from an extraordinary range of disciplines. The result is our ability to quickly and effectively create a slate of the most qualified and motivated candidates for even the most difficult to fill searches.

ARN prides itself on two unbreakable traditions. First, the Principals of ARN will guide and stay closely involved in all aspects of the search.  Second, all of our resources will be utilized in an effort to find the candidates you need.

To stay ahead of your competition in finding the talent you need and to partner with professionals who understand the pressures and challenges facing your business. Our combination of skills enable us to assist you in finding the right person to fill the roles that are vital to your company’s success.